Tina Kraft

Sugar Drops (2003)

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Sugar Drops was the first performance to incorporate the game structure and wheels of fortune. This structure of play was developed and incorporated into several future projects known as The Games. In Sugar Drops, two girls -Black and White - find themselves erased of all memories and thrown into a dangerous game for which the rules are unknown. At the cruel mercy of the Goddess, the girls learn that make-believe can in fact, come true. The winner is to collect a prize, however deadly it may be.

Time: 14 -18/ 12, 2003

Place: 'Kukutza' (abandoned factory), Bilbao, Spain


Concept, Direction and Set Design: Signa Sørensen (now Köstler)

Production: Ctrl+Art: Paw Petersen, Lars Vind-Andersen and Angelica Berdini

Cast:  (in alphabetical order)
Aaron Beck as Game Master
Angelica Berdini as Servant
Nana Francisca Schottländer as White, Playerette
Paul Loader as Game Master
Ricardo Torres as Servant
Signa Sørensen (now Köstler) as Black, Playerette
Tina Kraft as The Goddess

Supported by: Agenda Cultural de Bilbao and Kunststyrelsen (The Danish Art Counsel)

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