Helena Huul

Bleier Research, Inc. (2011)

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At the top floor of the former Standard factory, three scientists have settled with a group of test subjects. Using a controversial psychiatric-organic approach, they have achieved remarkable results with a group of adolescents who have developed extraordinary behavioral and paranormal abilities, yet unseen by the scientific community. Their telepathic abilities and connectivity are first steps towards what researchers hope will become an expansive cognitive and emotional network, known as a telepathic commune. The methods applied in the experiment are unconventional – employing psychosexual and co-dependent approaches that conflict with the law. Some subjects exhibit various side-effects and consequences as a result of these methods, which researchers are attempting to fine-tune. The next phase of the experiment will immerse the test subjects away from the institute, and under the guided care of willing ‘foster’ families. These 'foster parents' will be compensated financially, and required to sign a contract of silence, preventing disclosure about the nature of the telepathic subjects.

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Date: 8th to 15th of December 2011 (except Monday 12th of December), 16:00 and 20:00

Place: STANDARD building, Kopli 25, Tallinn, Estonia

Public Capacity: 35

Concept: Signa Köstler - inspired by the film Stereo by David Cronenberg.

Direction: Signa Köstler with Arthur Köstler and Thomas Bo Nilsson

Set Design and Costume: Thomas Bo Nilsson and Signa Köstler

Audiovisual Media and Technical Design: Arthur Köstler

Noise Design: Mikk Siemer

Production Leader: Katre Teppan

Production: European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 and SIGNA

Cast: (in alphabetical order)
Alice Aaviksoo as Jill (test subject)
Anna-Christi-Karita Aruksaar as Maid Cindy
Arthur Köstler as Dr. Maxim Bleier
Ave Ungro as Nurse Mandy
Helena Huul as Ann (test subject)
Jevgeni Romanovski as Guard Bruce
Kadri Raiend as Jane (test subject)
Karin Lehari as Nurse Millie
Kelli Kõrgemaa as Kate (test subject)
Mikk Siemer as Tom (test subject)
Teele Koshvid as Maid Wendy
Signa Köstler as Dr. Dorine Chaikin
Simmo Sirel as Jack (test subject)
Thomas-Bo Nilsson as Dr. Cas Laval
Triin Vaino as Lou (test subject)
Vootele Vaher as Jim (test subject)

Special Thanks: Teele Reede

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