Arthur Köstler, Signa Sørensen (now Köstler)

57 Beds (2004)

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In the large black box hall of Kanonhallen, the installation juxtaposed a variety of scattered spaces in a single room. Around the hall lay crashed and burned out cars, a banquet table dressed for a wedding, a cocktail bar, a roadside cafeteria, border control, and a huge dancehall stage. Throughout the duration of the installation, individual characters inhabiting the space continuously added layers to their identities or stories, revealing a cryptic myth of a town in limbo at the outskirts of bordering lands. 57 Beds was a labyrinthine and unpredictable form of installation where the audience’s participation was equivocal with the artist and the performers.

Date: 12th to 28th of February, 2004, daily 4 hours, Saturdays 12 hours

Place: Kanonhallen, Østerfælled Torv, Copenhagen, Denmark

Press Quotes:

"The young performance artist Signa Sørensen has done it again with her new work '57 Beds'. Created a both magic and frightening scene where the line between fiction and reality ceases to exist, the barrier between audience and actors has been broken down, and where questions of borders and identity are put forth. (...) The way in which the actors insist on and steep themselves in their characters, fascinates time and again." (translated from Danish)
- Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende

"In a challenging way, [Signa Sørensen] takes part in fostering new ways to test the line between art and reality - just as she has done it with 'Twin Life' and 'Nightfinder' - but what she in fact manages to stage, is a new theatrical reality." (translated from Danish)
- Monna Dithmer, Politiken

Concept, Direction and Set Design: Signa Sørensen (now Köstler)

Sound Design: Jesper Kruse

Light: Eva Ulvan Handberg

Production: Kanonhallen and Ctrl+Art

Main Cast: (in alphabetical order)
Aaron Beck as the detective
Adam Løwert as the angel
Amia Miang as Adda
Ariellah Winther as bird of misfortune
Arthur Köstler as Adam Zaar
Bent Larsen as London
Camilla Jørgensen as Marthe Behar
Christina Falkberg as the nurse
Ebbe Herman Sørensen as patient
Felix Becker as Ernst Spieler
Frank Bätge as Frank Singer
Helene Kvint as Else
Inga Gerner Nielsen as Nethe
Kian Larsen as the coma patient
Lisa Lie as the hitchhiker
Maria Bäck as Lisa Love
Maria Faurholm Bolving as the ballerina
Maria Rugbjerg as Kate
Marie Vibe as Isabella Zaar
Mette Aakjær as Tessa
Mikael Lindeman as Tatjana
Momo Subotic as Jojo
Morten Christensen as Clifton
Nana Francisca Schottländer as Amber Fox
Paul Loader as Pink
Peter Sloth Madsen as Otto
Ricardo Torres as Charlie
Signa Sørensen (now Köstler) as Amanda Zaar
Signe Tølbøll Nielsen as bird of misfortune
Signhild Linderoth Christiansen as Julie
Simon Ellehammer as Jimmy
Sonja Salkowitsch as Ella
Stig Eivind Vatne as Sonny
Stine Suhr Olsen as Astrid
Søren Mühldorf as the soldier
Thaus Leopold Jensen as Christian
Tina Kraft as Holly Wood
Ulla Katscher as Vera

Supporting Cast:
Karina Stoffer Hjort as controller
Nanja Hofman Andersen as controller
Sara Christensen as controller
Stine Degerbøl as controller
Tina Faldt Bentsen as controller

Telephone System: Christian Mastrup

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