Eva Vium

Salò (2010)

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In the looming shadows of Krausesvej 3, guests were escorted into the Villa by the brutish charm of the Fuckers. The sinister decadence of Villa Salò was at once apparent: a bruised and naked child playing nervously on the carpet under the watchful glare of an elegant Madame, then wails of suffering followed by the raucous laughter of gentlemen in a distant chamber. Guests arrived by the invitation of four generous hosts, the Masters – the founding members of The Black Libertine Society. By accepting their offer of hospitality, guests witnessed - and in rare cases, joined the Masters’ adventures into the dark passions of debauchery, which seemingly had no bounds. In a scathing and visceral interpretation of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film, Salò was a devastating representation of what transpires when power is manipulated, and the value of human life is converted into nothingness.

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I. Circle of Mania: 27th to 31st of January 2010, nonstop
II. Circle of Shit: 8th to 14th of February 2010, nonstop
III. Circle of Tears: 22nd to 28th of February 2010, nonstop
IV. Circle of Blood: 8th to 14th of March 2010, nonstop

Place: Villa Salò, Krausesvej 3, Copenhagen, Denmark

Press Quotes:

”With good reason, Signa belongs to the rare breed of Danish performers with international success. Their form of interactive immersive theater matches the age of 2.0 perfectly, asking for the audience's participation in creating a unique product. The intensity of leaders Signa Sørensen, Arthur Köstler and Thomas Bo Nilsson created on a grand scale I have not seen the likes of anywhere.” (translated from Danish)
- Monna Dithmer, Politiken

“Once you ventured into the monstrosities of `Salo´, not only was it possible to experience emotional lashing or get provoked to the core - you were also forced to take a stand, mercilessly confronted by your own part in it – passive or not – by maintaining the whole machinery of violence. This is what, badly needed, is called food for thought.” (translated from Danish)
- Monna Dithmer, Politiken

“With the current performance Salo, the audience can witness total human degradation in the whorehouse from hell. It sounds incredible, but it is an disquietingly fascinating, artistic achievement.  I am not normally a fan of exaggerated interaction between performers and audience, nor am I interested in violent porn or whorehouses. I have never managed to watch Pasolini´s film without the remote within reach. Nevertheless, I am deeply affected by this eminent theater.” (translated from Danish)
- Sara-Luise Pedersen, Kunsten.nu

Concept, Design and Direction: Signa Köstler with Arthur Köstler and Thomas Bo Nilsson

Production: REPUBLIQUE and SIGNA

Devising Ensemble: (in alphabetical order)

Arthur Köstler as The Magistrate
Frank Bätge as The President
Johannes Köhler as The Bishop
Klaus Unterrieder as The Duke 

Helga Sieler as Madame Catharina Castelli
Irma Wagner as Madame Sonia Orlandi
Signa Köstler as Madame Heléne Vaccari
Thomas Bo Nilsson as Madame Elsa Maggi 

Eva Vium as Michette
Georg Jagunov as Claudio
Hannah Grady as Susanna
Jenny Steenken as Aline
Marie Hauge as Augustine
Martina Deltcheva as Julie
Max Pross as Franchino
Miriam Weissert as Benedetta
My Larsdotter as Rosette
Simon Steinhorst as Tonino
Victoria Kaldan as Doris
Yulia Yáñez as Constance

Dominik Klingberg as Romeo
Erik K. Ebert as Fabrizio
Fedaa Sultan as Maurizio
Michael Behrendt as Umberto
Momo Subotic as Efisio
Morten Hartz Kaplers as Ezio
Stefan Kolosko as Rinaldo

Camilla Bonde as Dana Campos
Heidi Kit Møller as Elidia Frauenfelder
Juljana Wrede as Adrienne Berka
Mareike Wenzel as Merry Osinska
Shin-May Ho as Ming Yi
Signe Egebæk as Bernardina Marzec
Stefanie Mühlhan as Edita Camara

Supporting cast: (in alphabetical order)
Camilla Lønbirk
Maja Makki Palme
Mia Persson
Rita Müller
Sarah Louise Arnfeldt Andersen
Siff Gyllenborg Lundgreen
Zille Gellert
and Allan the goldfish...

Photo and Video: Erich Goldmann

External home page: www.villa-salo.dk

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